How to Quiet a Noisy Inbox

From newsletters and advertisements to junk we didn’t sign up for, all of us have things hitting our inbox that we don’t want. Maybe it’s a newsletter you signed up for years ago that isn’t relevant. Or perhaps some company sold your name to someone else and they’re trying to get you to buy their newest product. Our lives have become noisy and complicated, and email is just another way to shout at us. But now you can fight back. There are services popping up that easily allow you to lower the volume and get your sanity back. Here’s a quick look at a few of them: provides a service where you can not only unsubscribe easily from things you don’t want, but also can create a daily digest with things you do want. The great thing about this is that you can see the content you want to

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Marketo iOS SDK First Impressions

One of the big initiatives that Marketo launched last week at Summit 2015 is Mobile Engagements. To coincide with that initiative, they have posted an iOS SDK onto their Github account to easily drop into your apps to collect usage data and interact with your users. There are some cool things you’ll be able to do with this technology. Imagine one of your customers has an appointment coming up that needs to be moved or cancelled. You send them an email but they don’t open it or respond. You can send them a notification letting them know that their appointment needs to be changed to make sure they aren’t going to show up to something that isn’t going to happen. That’s pretty cool, and a great way of treating your customers right. There are also lots of ways this can be abused. Even some of Marketo’s examples are clear ways

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Marketo is Empowering the Customer Experience Journey

Digital Advertising and Marketing are coming together at warp speed. At the center of this industry convergence is Marketo and thousands of cutting edge marketers (#MTKGNation). Marketo’s all new Ad Bridge integrations with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Bing are the making of a decades-long dream. Synchronized 1-to-1 marketing across channels with a single marketing platform and a custom tailored message for the customer. What does this mean for marketers? B2C will never be the same. Increased conversions, better messaging, and cohesive marketing across mobile, social, web, and email. Powered by the custom audience and simplified by Marketo, makes bringing your customer experience journey to life easier than ever. Learn more about customer experience development and more in Solomon’s Relationship Framework.


What Does Marketo’s New Mobile Engagement Mean For Marketers?

We need to set goals for customers and let them choose the journey! Marketo’s new native mobile app integration will allow users to expand their nurturing journey into mobile in a big way. Marketo enables location, pages visited, and in app activity natively within the tool. With this new information, marketers will be able to send push notifications to their app users right from within their Marketo campaigns. This provides a great new way to reach target audiences without the need of third party integration partners. The best part is that marketers will not be able to reach anonymous leads, which means additional engagement with or without an email or phone number. In addition to a new medium for native engagement, we will get this functionality in conjunction with the power that Marketo is known for such as segmentation and lead scoring. This will enable Marketo users to continue to strive

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Choose Your Own Adventure: Put Your Customers in the Driver’s Seat…

I often use the phrase “seemingly 1-1 nurturing”, and more often than not, this seems to frustrate people. This phrase is often followed up with, “don’t you mean true 1-1 lead nurturing”? “Don’t you mean marketing to the individual instead of the segment”?  The reality is that if I had an unlimited budget, resources, and time we could all attempt unique 1-1 nurturing. However, in the real world it’s sadly not feasible or scalable. Even though every marketer would love to it’s impractical to create a unique experience for every prospect. Do you remember the “choose your own adventure” books from when you were a kid?* As a bit of a control freak, I loved the feeling of power I had over the narrative and always gave serious thought and analysis to every decision I made. *Choose Your Own Adventure is a series of children’s gamebooks where each story is

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For The Love of Fly Fishing

FACT: Fly fishing changed my life. I love fly fishing. I love everything about it. Standing in a river at dawn in the Pacific Northwest is majestic. My favorite thing about fishing is that it forces me to be in that moment; to be present without the interruptions of text messages, emails, and phone calls. Over the years, fishing has taught me a lot. Here is a list of things I’ve learned while out on the river that have made me a better marketer KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER Fish are complex animals; it is often difficult to determine what their behavior is going to be on any given day. Sometimes, they’re ready to bite anything you put in front of them and other days they aren’t interested. Their preferences change constantly. They eat different things in the morning than they do at night. They never stop moving or stay in one

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If Your Customers Fail, So Will You…

Customer Success Have you met a Director of Customer Success yet? Wait,, SAP, Marketo, and IBM have them. Why don’t we all? More than ever, leading companies are realizing that the sales hurdle doesn’t mean a whole lot if their new customers don’t actually use their new product. That’s why the most progressive companies are spending significant resources aligning their profitability with customer success. If a company loses an existing customer, it costs on average 4-6 times more to capture a new one. How can we make sure customers are successful and happy? Capturing New Customers vs Retention? The problem is, retention is hard. It’s easy to sell something beautiful, new, and shiny. Unfortunately, it’s harder to make sure that new (and oftentimes complex) toy is actually going to be used. I bet most of us received an erector set for Christmas one year? I was so entranced by the

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Relationship Design: Demand Generation & The Customer Experience

Demand Generation is shifting to support and optimize the entire lifecycle. Not long ago, demand generation marketers focused solely on capturing as many new leads as possible. While it would be naïve to assume that marketers would turn away new business today, their attention has shifted to customer retention and brand loyalty/advocacy. Without question it is just as (if not more) important to retain existing clients as it is to capture new leads. Along with the expanding role of the demand generation marketer there has been a change in the way marketers think about how they communicate. We’re moving away from segmenting marketing into two categories; business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). Over the last few years, the idea of human-to-human (H2H) has become a popular mantra for a fundamentally simple idea. Marketers need to make it simple for the individual to understand what they’re selling, to share their experiences, and to feel

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How To Get Noticed In A Crowded Marketplace?

We consider the act of getting noticed the Visibility phase of our Relationship Experience Framework at Solomon. Visibility is about understanding your audience, where they assemble and how to best reach them. Not just reaching them but doing it really well. There is so much noise. The average consumer is exposed to over 5,000 advertisements in a given day. You heard that right…5,000! So, what’s a savvy marketer to do when there’s so much clutter, white noise, and distraction in the marketplace? A good marketer is in tune with the individual. Don’t forget the basics. It never ceases to amaze me how different and nuanced each industry and vertical is within the marketing space. As marketers, we are reminded, over and over again, of these differences and must identify the right channels, at the right time, with the right message. White noise is ignored, the personal message, the individual voice, is our

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Progressive Profiling

  Progressive profiling is a marketing technique that can significantly increase the quality of leads generated. It works like this: instead of having a lead fill out 14 form fields in order to register for a event/webinar or download a whitepaper, a site visitor only has to fill in a few fields each time, but they never see the same field twice; i.e. the user progressively fills out information allowing for the marketeer to progressively profile them. How does Progressive Profiling Work? Progressive Profiling allows marketers to ask for information incrementally instead of all at once. Over time leads will become more qualified as they interact with a website and other digital channels; and will likewise deliver useful information to sales about demographics, BANT criteria (Budget, Authority, Needs, Timeline), and more. When a visitor comes to your site or digital property for the first time, they will only need to

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